Running a business is not easy. It can often feel like you are juggling a hundred things at once. Choose Qubo Media to look after your website so you can concentrate on what you do best – your business!

 We will look after your website and get you started with a ‘Web Health Check’.


Sounds interesting, how much?

Our prices are simple and affordable. We also have three maintenance packages available for you to choose from. All of the packages have the same features, but differ in regards to the amount of time required to maintain them.


We have three packages to choose from: the Business Package, the Premium Package, and the Bespoke Package.


24/7 Security

Our security software will look protect your website 365 days a year and will run security scans several times a day. You will also benefit from one of the best firewalls available, which will be included in the price.



Hosting is another cost to maintaining a website and requires regular maintenance. Use our hosting to keep your website lightning fast.



Having trouble with your website? Not to worry. With 24/7 access to troubleshooting and support, we aim to get back to you within the hour.



We will back-up  your website on a daily basis. So sit back and relax, you won’t miss a thing.


In addition to all of the features in the Business Package, you will also the following:


Domain Maintenance

Whether you purchased your domain name with us or already have one, choose Qubo Media to look after your domain. We will make sure that it is renewed every year to make sure you are on track.


Website Maintenance

Websites need daily maintenance. We will ensure your website’s content it current, and kept up-to-date.


In addition to all of the features in the Business and Premium Packages, you will also get the following:


Speed Optimisation

From the start, we will trawl through your website with a fine-tooth comb and tweak everything in the background to speed up your website. We will also boost your SEO.


Content Updates

Depending on the package you choose, we will update your website content to your specification. This includes any offers, pictures or videos that you may want to upload to your gallery


eCommerce Management

If you have a website that sells products online, choose our Bespoke Package.